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Would you like your pony turned into a Sparkle Pony? Or even a Ponycorn?! We can totally do that for you! And we do all sorts of other pets, too!

Prices start at only £20.00. Email us at to arrange your artwork. Click here to see more portraits.


Sparkle Pony creates infographics to help people with clicker training, bitless, and improving their ponies wellbeing. We sometimes work with companies that share our ethics to produce inforgraphic posters as a great way to explain things in a friendly and understandable light.

If you would like to work with us, or have any ideas for posters, please email

Other artwork

We have worked with many people to provide other types of artwork, such as logos, adverts, and promotional material, or even just more unusual pieces of custom art for gifts.

We’re always happy to discuss ideas, so please do get in touch!